Crisis Response

At the request of police, our highly trained staff provide immediate on-scene emotional and practical crisis support to victims and witnesses of crime or trauma during office hours. We also provide telephone support after hours to victims and witnesses of crime or trauma at the request of police.

Support and Referral

Our highly knowledgeable staff provide follow-up and ongoing emotional and practical support as well as referrals to a wide range of community and government resources. We can also assist with the completion of forms such as a Crime Victim Assistance Program application and registration with the Victim Safety Unit. We work closely with community-based victim services programs, making referrals to the Spousal Assault Victim Support Program, Regional Domestic Violence Unit, Vancouver Island Men’s Trauma Counselling Society, Victoria Child Abuse Prevention & Counselling Centre and Victoria Sexual Assault Centre. Please note that we are not a counselling service, but we can help you navigate available resources that meet your needs.

You can learn more about our services by watching the short video below:

Court Support Program

Our dedicated Court Support Program is housed in the Victoria Courthouse. We work closely with Crown Counsel, the B.C. Sheriff Service, other justice personnel, victim services providers and police to support victims of crime. This program provides a variety of services, including court orientations, accompaniment to meetings with Crown Counsel and/or court dates, witness preparation, helping victims understand the criminal justice system’s terminology and processes, supporting victims with Victim Impact Statements, helping with registration to the Victim Safety Unit and keeping the victim updated throughout the court process. The goal of our Court Support Program is to equip victims with the tools that educate them about their role, rights and obligations within the criminal justice system. We are committed to empowering victims to become confident and composed witnesses and providing victims with seamless support throughout the criminal justice journey.

You can learn more about our program by watching the short video below: