About Us


Victim Services is operated by the Greater Victoria Police Victim Services Society, established under the Societies Act of British Columbia in 1984.

Our Service Delivery Model is based on empowerment through information, options and alternatives, so individuals can make well-informed choices to assist them in their personal paths to recovery.

Our objectives are to:

  • lessen the impact of crime and trauma on victims and their families
  • assist victims in accessing appropriate services and assist in their recovery
  • increase victim safety and to help reduce the risk of further victimization
  • increase the level of participation and sense of empowerment for victims throughout their involvement with the criminal justice system
  • increase the effectiveness of a victim while acting as a witness in court proceedings
  • promote community wellness

Vision, Mission, Values and Principles

Our Vision

Victims achieve a state of well-being.

Our Mission

Working with police to help people impacted by crime and trauma.

Our Values and Principles


  • We are committed to our clients and to our vision and mission.
  • We support the rights of victims.
  • We work collaboratively within GVPVS and with our police and community partners.


  • We are client-focused.
  • We provide exceptional service.
  • We are highly trained and professional.


  • We treat information from our clients and our police partners with confidentiality.
  • We earn trust by doing what we say.


  • We work in accordance with a Code of Ethics.
  • We are transparent.


  • We are compassionate.
  • We are non-judgmental and understanding.


  • We respect our clients and their uniqueness.
  • We respect each other and the different roles we perform.


  • We respect the strengths and needs of the diverse communities we serve.
  • We strive to be inclusive and representative.